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What You'll Find on Navigating the Storms

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God Connections

My limited strength prevents me from writing much original material. Since there is already a lot of quality info available, I’ll use my strength to seek helpful articles of interest to you.

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Who are dwellers? What is their life like?

Who are observers? How can they help?

Tips included for dwellers and observers.

Have questions about what being a Christian is?

Confused about divine healing?

Find info about these and other spiritual questions.

Devotions available.

Who We Are, Our Methods, & Our Dream 

Support Groups for Disabled Thru Computers

Isolated no more!

Connected Carole:

invisibly disabled person writing for the world

sharing from her 40 years of living in these storms.

You’ll find stories, examples, ideas, and resources to thrive in the storms.

She doesn’t forget storm observers who care about and help the ones who dwell in storms.

Join her so that together we can provide encouragement, strength, and community for persons struggling with physical challenges and for those who care about them.

Storms, Teamwork, & Geese

Carole’s Dream

each of us will form teams

to help our families and friends

“fly further and easier”

through this experience we call life.

Can You Help Someone Else?


Sharing the Load Ministries

We're here to share your load.
Can you share someone else's load?

Join us as we team up to lighten others' loads.

Let's form teams all over the world.



Test Your Knowledge with This Quiz!

How much do you know about invisible disabilities?

Quiz logo According to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) of 1990, an individual with a disability is a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities; has a record of such an impairment; or is regarded as having such an impairment. Invisible [in-viz-uh-buh l] - not visible; not perceptible by the eye; hidden. Statistics on disabilities are hard to interpret because people define disabilities differently. The best ones I can find are from the U.S. Dept. Of Commerce study in 2005, p. 1. I’ve found updates of some of the stats, and the percentages stay about the same, so as the population increases the numbers get higher. Take the quiz, and you might be surprised at the answers. Just because we're invisible doesn't mean there's just a few of us!  


  1. I love your website! It is so interesting and easy to follow. I pray for the storm dwellers and the storm observers–I think I am both at times so I will be very interested in your comments and info.
    Love you guys and see you later on your website.

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