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Dwellers and Observers

Dwellers and observers both come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Individual situations for dwellers range from annoying to life-destroying physical disorders. Observers can be rich or poor, strong or weak, very busy or inactive. Together, we can team up to enrich dwellers’ lives.

About This Section

Helping invisibly disabled people is what observers do well, but information about relational issues between dwellers and observers could fill a book. On these pages, we’ll present a few ideas about how individuals and/or groups can help out. We’ll bring stories of how churches have actually helped. Caregivers form a special group within observers; they are not part of the storms, in that they aren’t suffering the physical challenges, but they are an integral part of the storms as they help out. So, caregivers get their own page of Kudos from those they serve.

This section needs your participation. When you add to this site, you add a variety of experiences, and you encourage others.  Please submit your ideas, experiences, and kudos through the contact form.

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Sharing the Load Ministries

Remember the Geesehelping invisibly disabled

They function harmoniously as a team. One takes the hard role for a while, then switches off with another. Two will drop out of the flock to stay with and protect a hurting goose. This results in mutual benefit for all.

What does that have to do with dwellers and observers? Ideally, there will be enough healthy people to team up to help families, friends, and even acquaintances who are going through hard times.


An excellent article to supplement the material in Storm Observers is “4 Ways to Be an Ally to People with Invisible Disabilities” by Sara Whitestone.

For more information about invisible disabilities as well as a partial list of invisible conditions, see Disabled World.


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