Storms & Geese

Welcome to Stormy Land

The 5 Ws (and 1 H) of Stormy Land

1. What are storms?

Storm [stawrm]

a disturbance of the normal condition of the atmosphere (

Meteorological storms come in all shapes and sizes. Some are mild, bringing renewed life to the earth. Others are cataclysmic, causing disastrous damage. Most storms fall somewhere between these extremes.

person facing invisible disability

Are you in that ship in the storm?

As with weather, happenings occur to disturb the normal conditions of our lives. Each of us will likely endure some type during our lifetime.

These can range from mild and temporary to catastrophic and permanent. To name a few: Unemployment and bankruptcy. Marital problems and divorce. Grief and death. Ongoing, debilitating physical challenges severe enough to

impact life’s choices. This last type of storm, especially affecting those with an invisible disability, is what this site is all about. Many principles presented here can also carry over to other types of storms.

2. Who is affected by Stormy Land?

All people can be involved here: the storm dwellers – those with an invisible disability or other disability or the chronically ill; and the storm observers – those who live outside the storms of physical challenges.

3. Where does Stormy Land exist?

Anywhere and everywhere.

4. When is it stormy?

For most people, storms come and go; some may last longer than others. For the storm dweller, storms can seem to be unending, occurring infrequently or incessantly.

5. Why do some people have unending storms?

Sometimes, the storms are a consequence of bad actions (the individual’s or someone else’s). Some people were born that way. At times, germs caused it. But in many cases, we never know the answer.

6. How will Navigating the Storms work?

We strive to encourage, strengthen, and support the dwellers with tips and experiences submitted by dwellers. To others, we offer information about the lives of the dwellers, and ideas and tips on how to help them. We strive to be interactive with public forums so you can add your thoughts and ideas, with private group(s) where dwellers can interact with each other, with quizzes to test your knowledge or just have fun, and with a contact form for feedback and additions. We hope both storm dwellers and observers will become Followers of the Storms.

7. What can you do now?

  • Check out our menu to see what’s available.
  • Joining the Followers will keep you updated about changes.
  • If you have suggestions about other content you’d like to see covered, experiences you'd like to share, or questions you want answered, just fill out the contact form, and I’ll get back to you.

- Connected Carole - Invisibly Disabled Person Writing for the World

Why Geese?



What do geese have to do with navigating our storms? 

Can the efficiency of geese' teamwork help us learn about helping the hurting?

The V-formation in which geese fly serves several purposes: good communication, clear visibility, and more efficient flying. This formation allows the geese to communicate easily because they have an unobstructed field of vision. The point goose as well as the birds at each end experience more air drag, so the geese frequently rotate positions. This use of the V-formation enables the flock to fly 70% further than if each flew solonts-geese-002-3-by-pond-_edited-1.

If one bird becomes sick or injured, it will fall out of formation. Two other geese will also fall out of formation and will remain with the injured goose to help and offer protection. These two stay with the ailing bird until it recovers or dies at which time they return to the flock.

Geese function harmoniously as a team. Each bird takes a turn at leading, bringing up the rear, and enjoying the less stressful middle positions. This teamwork means less work for the whole flock. All team members play their part, which results in mutual benefit for all.

My Goal for Navigating the Storms

We will team up to help our families, friends, and even acquaintances who are going through hard times. We can strengthen each other through communication and opening our eyes to needs of those around us. This teamwork can empower us as we are helping the hurting. Sometimes, my writings might enable someone to keep on keeping on; sometimes your writings might. Your comments could help someone else see more clearly. Maybe some remarks will stir someone to help a hurting friend. Maybe each of us will be inspired to acknowledge the pains of others and to be helping the hurting in new ways. My hope is that we will be able to function as a team, enabling each of us to “fly further” as we go through life.

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