Storm Dwellers

For and About the Dwellers: Those Living with Physical Challenges

These pages illustrate lives of those whose live in unending storms. Many of these are people living with invisible disabilities and other chronic conditions. For some broad characteristics of dwellers, see the posts about what invisible disabilities are and how to recognize them.  Due to each person being a unique individual with differing limitations and to the variety of diseases, it is impossible to completely categorize dwellers. Here, you can get glimpses into how the lives of dwellers might look like.

There will be ideas and tips about

Maybe you live in continual storms, or—like me—your storms come and go with days of sunshine in-between. Either way, storms of physical difficulties keep you from a life of independence.

If you're a dweller, we hope you will find encouragement to keep on keeping on. Living with invisible disabilities can be quite challenging. We hope these ideas and tips about what you can do, how you can cope, and ways to accept what now is in your life will enrich your life. If you’re an observer, we trust you’ll enjoy getting to know more about dwellers and their lives.

We will add to these pages as you send in ideas via contact and as I come across more ideas.

Storms and sunbreaks for people living with invisible disabilities

Look for the sunbreaks!

More Info

For further information about invisible disabilities, see the sites for Invisible Disabilities Assn. and Rest Ministries. You can also Google the term and find several blogs about living with these disabilities.


  1. This will be very helpful for me as I have invisible disabilities and am suffering several emotional storms.

  2. I have a few different conditions that are very difficult for people to understand. Even my spouse gets forgetful and causes hurts by his misunderstanding of my conditions.

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