Comfort In Times of Distress

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Oh no! NOT AGAIN!!!

People living in unending storms of life-disrupting physical challenges often go through, or continue in, a time of blaming God, turning away from Him, or even denying His existence. Even people who have truly believed in and lived for God can experience times of desolation.

Scotty Smiley, a strong Christian since childhood, served in Iraq as an Army officer where a suicide bomber blinded him. During his recovery, his own words were, ”I don’t believe in God.” He admits that

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What do I do now?

was his own choice. He was so angry with God he turned his back on Him and on people. After making his peace with God he said, “We all go through suffering, some big, some small. But in that suffering, we have to stay close to Him.” Smiley emphasizes that has to be our own personal choice. He details how he realized God still had a purpose for his life and how he returned to God in his book, “Hope Unseen.”

If you’re living in overwhelming circumstances, examine these suggestions to connect back to God and receive His strength for enduring and overcoming your disabilities. He really does provide comfort in times of distress. Starting with these ideas, create your own plan for those days we know, unfortunately, will come again and again in our lives. These advance preparations may help shorten the distressful times.

This song reminds me of Habakkuk 3:17-18,

"Though the fig tree does not bud ... yet will I rejoice in the Lord."


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If you have recurring flares of pain and/or disabilities,

you know what THOSE days are!



One Plan of Action

  1. Focus on God

Singing, listening to music, reading the Bible, reciting verses—all these help us focus on God.

  1. Follow through with prayer

Don’t just think about prayer: do it! In Matthew God said, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” Not “Well spoken,” “Well thought out,” or ”Well contemplated,” but “Well done.” Prayer has to be prayed, not just thought about.

  1. Set Aside Your Plans

Open yourself up to God and see what He wants you to do. He can do more than we can imagine.

  1. Look for Unexpected Answers

Could we have imagined that the unassuming baby in the manger would have become the Savior of the world? We aren’t Jesus, but what might God do with our situations?


Things To Do In Overwhelming Circumstances

When circumstances seem to overwhelm you, consider employing any of these strategies.

  • Don’t run from God.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • See if you can figure out the real problem.
  • Apply successful strategies you’ve previously used.
  • Don’t shut important people out.
  • Go somewhere.
  • Do something different.
  • Have a “Good Memories” list and review it.
  • Sing or listen to special music.
  • Review special verses you’ve memorized.

It is helpful to think about how to combat fallout from recurring challenges during sunnier times of life. Make plans. Remember what worked the last time: singing? special CDs? certain verses? special people? If possible, have your plans available to use at a moment’s notice. Hopefully, you can make it through those awful times easier!

Two more songs that speak to me on "those" days

and bring back to comfort in God.


Search YouTube for your favorite songs for the stormy times.

For thoughts to help in times of distress, see Devotions and Devotions 2.

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