God Connections

spiritual relationship with GodWho Wants a God Connection?

Hopefully, everyone. All people can benefit from having a connection to God. Having a spiritual relationship with God can infuse peace and strength into people’s lives, important for dwellers and observers alike.

For myself, Jesus is the bedrock of my life. He has sustained me throughout the nearly forty years of inability to fully participate in life. He has given peace that transcends understanding. He has enabled me to accomplish so much more than my abilities would suggest I could do. He has encouraged me throughout the process. He has strengthened me to be able to keep on keeping on.

These pages are not meant to be in-depth works about a spiritual relationship with God; they are more introductory in nature. I trust they encourage you to dig deeper using additional resources.

Happy hunting as you seek this deeper spiritual relationship with God – the God of the Universe, Creator of all that exists, Sustainer of people.

Connected Carole

Jesus healing Peter's mother-in-lawYou have a chronic condition. Your friend is chronically sick. You've prayed and prayed but healing doesn't happen. What now? See “When Healing Doesn’t Happen” to read how some others have resolved the issue for themselves. We’ve included resources for you to begin your own search.

Comfort In Times of Distress” contains ideas that have worked for others during those times when things are so hard. Maybe you wonder why it seems like God has forgotten you. Or maybe the pain’s so bad you just can’t stand it anymore. Or maybe you’re feeling isolated and alone. … The list of distressful times goes on and on and on.

Person in Pain, lg

Oh no! NOT AGAIN!!!

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Check "Devotions" for writings by others. We will be adding to and rotating these devotions from time to time.

"How Can I Know God"

shows the Jesus way to God.

Jesus the Way


Developing spiritual maturity

For those who already know God and want to have a deeper relationship with Him, see "Going Deeper" for a variety of ideas.

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