Kudos to Caregivers

Thank your caregiver here publicly, and make his or her day!

Caregivers are a big part of dwellers’ lives. Sometimes their duties are time consuming and energy draining. Sometimes they just do “small” acts for the person they care for--those “small” actions having to be done day in and day out. But, big or small, caregiving is a difficult situation. (See Caregivers for Invisibly Disabled for more information.)

That’s why this page gives tribute to our caregivers. Please submit your tribute through the Contact form. A pic can be included.

The Talleys recorded “Hidden Heroes” as a testimonial to the millions of caregivers out there.

"Hidden Heroes" focuses on caregivers that meet the needs of family members or friends who have illnesses or special needs. The song is one of encouragement and thankfulness to all of the "Heroes" who take care of those who need care the most. God Bless You!

Connected Carole’s Kudos to Joe, Tom, and Bill

Joe & Carole w/ wheelchair

Tulip Festival, Marysville, WA

Joe, along with our sons, Tom and Bill - when they were home and when they visit again - have pushed the wheelchair for miles. I can walk but not more than a hundred yards or so, so shopping or hiking necessitates the chair. And, boy, have they taken me places! They’ve empowered me to see beautiful country otherwise inaccessible to me.

Through the years, they’ve also helped me with many “little” things enabling me to accomplish much more than I could do on my own.

Ava's Kudos to Mr. Meena

Mr. Meena is a twenty something engineer that spends his days at work and his nights at home taking care of his wife, Ava, and their pet bird, Koopa.  Ava suffers from lupus, chronic pain, and other ailments that make physical activities difficult for her.  Together, Mr. Meena and Ava navigate a husband-wife and a caregiver-recipient relationship dynamic that can be quite challenging at times.  Read Ava's post, On Being Thankful for My Spouse as a Chronic Illness Sufferer, to see some of ways that Mr. Meena takes care of her now that chronic illness has joined their marriage.

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