Sharing the Load Ministries

Encouraging one another

Hebrews 10:25

Our Origins

This is a new ministry – at least a newly named ministry. Sharing the Load Ministries evolved over the years from my desire to encourage people, especially those carrying heavy loads. In practical terms for me, my limitations primarily restrict me to making cards, phone calls, emails, and prayer support. Occasionally, I can help with meals. Navigating the Storms is one hefty component of this outreach. There are several other parts, hence the plural Ministries.

Sharing the Load Ministries Defined

  • Sharing means doing something to help out, bring comfort, or encourage someone in difficult times. This could be as simple as acknowledging their presence thereby validating their worth by saying "Hi" when you see them. Or it could be as time-consuming as doing house work weekly or providing transportation regularly or doing mechanical or yard work as needed. It could also include financial assistance. The variety of help is only limited by one's imagination and the person's need. Don't forget the people experiencing happy times of life; they also benefit from encouragement.
  • Load applies to those difficult times in life that come to all of us. Navigating the Storms' emphasis is on people experiencing physical difficulties. But there are so many other types of difficulties: grief, unemployment, divorce, depression, troubled children, or difficult marriages. The list could go on and on. So at any given time, many people are carrying heavy loads and need our encouragement and help.
  • Ministries means helping, or serving, people. It can and should be done by everyone. The only prerequisite for ministry is compassion for our fellow travelers in life. This ministry focuses on encouragement and support for those experiencing storms in their lives, especially unending storms of physical problems. Encouragement takes so many forms. Ideas for encouragement and helps are scattered throughout this entire site.


Can you join me in Sharing the Load?


What are the membership requirements?

All I ask is that you agree to seek out someone so you can help share their load. This can be ongoing, or a one-time event. It can be simple or involved. You will be accountable only to yourself. No reporting requirements.

How do you join?

Just sign up using the form at the side.

Will I be contacting you?

You will receive a welcome email. From time to time, I may send you follow up emails with encouragement and ideas.

The Logo

  • The cross represents Jesus who is the foundation of my life. It is the basis for my actions.
  • Geese symbolize the "sharing the load" part of this ministry. To me, they mean team work that reduces the effort needed to survive this life. That’s why I use geese pictures everywhere.
  • STL stands for our name.

May you be blessed as you share someone's load!

Connected Carole

Join me in Sharing the Load of physically challenged people

Are you already encouraging people or sharing someone's load? Would you like to start, even if it's only to look around you and say "Hi" to someone who may be struggling?

Then please join me in our ministry. We will have strength in unity of purpose even though we are separated by distance and we have no face-to-face meetings.

Fill out the form below and I'll welcome you as we work together to lighten people's loads. I will, from time to time, email you with encouragement or tips. I hope you'll follow this website for more information and ideas.

There is no obligation in joining beyond encouraging others.

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