Disabled people often have additional financial challenges,

from limited income to extra expenses.

Brittany Fisher, of Financially Well,

has graciously offered these links to us.

Basic Financial Info

Money Management Skills

Before you became disabled, you may have handled money just fine. But if you’ve gone from a good paying job to disability income, you may need some help. Part 1 covers the basics of money and budgeting, including examples and ideas. Learn a few more advanced skills in Part 2: credit and debt, planning for emergencies, and adding to income. These skills come with specifics to implement them. Last, but not least, are links for improving money skills. Disability Advisor bring you these articles.

Working on Finances

“A special needs trust provides for disabled”

Are you providing finances for a disabled person dependent on you? Have you considered how that person will be provided for in the event of your death? This article provides specifics about what you need to know.

Earned Income Tax Credit (U.S.)

If your family income is low, check out this info to see if you qualify for tax relief.

Disability Income

wheelchair man

SSDI for MS and Parkinson’s

If you haven’t yet applied for Social Security Disability and you have MS or Parkinson’s, this article contains helpful advice.

Even if you don't have those diseases, the info here still might help you.

All About Housing

“Securing a Home Mortgage Loan with a Disability”

This article provides excellent advice for disabled people considering buying a house.

In the U.S., provides free to low-cost housing counseling information. Under Home Ownership Voucher Program (near the bottom), renting and accessibility is discussed.

white house with for sale sign

“Grants for Home Modification: 16 Resources for Homeowners with Disabilities”

Home Advisor has put together a list of resources for disabled homeowners who need to modify their homes. Hopefully, you can find some help here. Again, these are for the U.S., but maybe your country has similar resources.

Are you a disabled vet?

Read “VA Loan Grants and Waivers for Disabled Veterans” for housing info to see what's available.

“Fulfilling the American Dream: A Guide for Disabled Homebuyers”

This article by real-estate agent, Redfin, presents your rights as a disabled homebuyer as well as info about programs to assist disabled people (in the U.S.).

See Storm Dwellers for general information about finances for invisibly disabled people.

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