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Disabled persons resources available here

Disabled persons resources can be used by the disabled person and by their families. They are useful for friends, acquaintances, and even strangers. These resources are also for compassionate people who desire to learn about the hurting and how to help them. We will continue to add websites, internet articles, and books as we find them, and as you recommend them.

Future plans include a page with short descriptions and links for conditions and diseases that the invisibly disabled might have.

So, keep checking back. Meanwhile, if you know of other resources for or about disabled persons that you believe would be an asset for others, please recommend them for review by submitting the form at the right.


Book resources for disabled personsBooks add to our disabled persons resources and provide more info for their caring helpers.


ComputerFind a ton of info for everyone and links to associations for the indivisibly disabled at Websites!


resources for disabled persons

An apt name, "Freedom Journal," for what we learn in our article section. Join us as we navigate life!

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